Content Marketing: I Learn So You Don’t Have To

I help my clients with a lot of things, starting with copywriting. Teaching them some techniques that will enhance their writing or messaging comes with the territory. I also connect them to experienced designers and developers for creating eye-catching marketing materials.

Another service I provide is knowledge. This is built into many interactions I have with clients. Last week, I added to my knowledge base by attending the Content Marketing Bootcamp. I did this for myself as well as for my clients who are getting into blogging, trying Instagram and other social media and planning video additions to their marketing arsenal. It was an excellent day of learning and inspiration for my own blogging as well as my clients, not to mention a good way to get out of my office for a day and meet some folks from Waterloo and Iowa City!

Check out Brand Driven Digital, the host of this and other great knowledge-enhancing activities in and around Iowa, such as the Social Brand Forum. They’re on Twitter: While you’re at it, follow me on Twitter, too:, and let me know what you’ve learned recently!

Recognition for awardAs one of the strongest examples of local websites completed in 2013, Paarlance Creative Writing entered in the American Advertising Awards competition. The website received a Silver award from American Advertising Federation: Cedar Rapids-Iowa City on February 22, 2014.

We are proud of the work and appreciate being brought in by designer/developer Harrison Wheeler to do the work. We also appreciate the client for being so great to work with on this corporate site. Congrats to Hawkeye Hotels for their award-winning website!

Cool App Gets Website, Video & News Release

Paarlance Creative Writing recently had the pleasure of working on a  website, video script and news release for an innovative new alarm clock app that uses light instead of sound. We wrote a user-friendly website while retaining the scientific information necessary to provide a solid background to skeptical users. Check out the LightAwake website!

LightAwake About PageWe also edited a video script that was drafted by the client. A local animation firm turned it into this short animated film that is featured on the home page. Pretty nifty!

Now that the app has launched at last, we crafted the news release and distributed it to the media in and around Eastern Iowa. Click here to see a news segment done by WQAD.

We are excited for Dr. Hurst’s accomplishment in creating this technology and getting the app launched. Many thanks to our longtime media partner, Common Sense Advertising, for bringing us into this project.