5 Quick Ways to Update Your Website

Did you know that the more frequently you update your website, the more attractive your site becomes in the eyes of search engines? And did you know that even minor changes count towards Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Currently, many business owners are scrambling to make their older websites more mobile friendly due to changes in Google’s search algorithm. While this is important, it’s also important to freshen up your website to make it shout, “Look at this site! I’m up to date!” Here are five quick and easy ways to modify your site that provide the freshness that Google craves.

  1. Update your services, credentials and experience. If you have new services, training, credentials or skills, be sure to add that to your site’s About page. Remember to update your experience if you list it as “more than X years.”
  2. Add new testimonials. One of the best credibility builders is to show how you’ve helped other people. Consider replacing or adding to the feedback you receive from your clients. However, don’t copy and paste it from another site (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn), as search engines will dock you for duplication.
  3. Enhance your contact page. If you’re like most business owners, the contact page is probably the page that wins the prize for “Most Taken for Granted.” You have to remember that Google looks at it even if you don’t! Include a sentence or two that explains how you can help site visitors or ask a question they can answer with “Yes!” And be sure to include your address (if important to visitors), city and state.
  4. Revise the home page text. Think about changing up your home page to really get peoples’ attention. This may not be the fastest of these suggestions, but the help of a copywriter or even a friend can help you develop a strong statement to lead into your home page content.
  5. Write a blog post. If you have a blog, take a moment to write a couple of paragraphs about recent successes. Or post a photo of you at a function. Better yet, post a short video if you can.

One more thing: Remember to update your social media presences, as well. We recently added a Facebook presence to our social media mix. Be sure the About information there accurately reflects your current business practices.

When was the last time you updated your website?