What is Creativity?

After developing hundreds of ideas for a project, a client made the comment that  they weren’t creative enough. While the comment stung for a second, I realized it was important to consider, what is creativity? What does that mean to this client? And what does it mean to me?

Creativity is a term that comes loaded with your own baggage. For me personally, creativity is marked by the freedom to generate ideas without judgment. Professionally, creativity mingles with — and is limited by — time, an essential ingredient of the professional creative process. It’s also peppered with audience awareness, which enhances marketing magnificence. When it comes down to it, it means very little to bring creative ideas to the table if they aren’t targeted at some audience with a clear goal in mind.

I believe that part of the issue of undervaluing the creativity presented to this client was that he was not clear on his goal for the project. He was still undecided on what he liked and what he wanted from the project. He wasn’t yet prepared to accept ideas that met his initial criteria.

Even if you’re not a creative type, as a business owner, it’s good to think about the type of creative work you like before you take on a marketing project working with freelancers or a creative firm. What are you drawn to? Which ads or designs drive you nuts? And what are your goals for a creative project? Put some of your own thought into it first, and write those ideas and goals down. Then, you’ll be better poised for a successful creative marketing venture.

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