3 Tips for Better Email Marketing

Email. Seems like we’re all on email overload these days, but it’s still an inexpensive marketing option, and one of the most flexible ways to communicate with your audience. Emails can be fairly straightforward or very creative.

After hearing DJ Waldow speak at a social media conference last year, I read The Rebel’s Guide to Email Marketing by Waldow and Jason Falls.┬áBeing used to the rules surrounding email marketing, but having a rebellious nature at times, this book unveiled a few myths about emails that I intend to break.

It drove home a few basic points that I’d like to share with my clients:

Set goals. What do you want to accomplish with your email marketing? It’s better to have a strategy and set up a regular schedule than to be sporadic or haphazard. With email as one channel you can use for education, think of themes you can use to educate your clients. Set it to the ups and downs of your business and take it from there!

Build your list. Get a signup form on your website as soon as humanly possible. It’s one of the most effective ways to develop a strong list.

Set up a welcome message. Most email providers have a way of setting up an autoresponder, so when people sign up for your email, they receive a welcome message. This is a brilliant idea that enhances the perception of your customer service. Even though you don’t have to do a thing after you set it up, it makes a good first impression. Take advantage of it!

Email marketing can be fun, creative and educational. Start with the basics and see where they lead!