Let the Blogging Begin: Postings Keep Website Fresh

For several years, we have worked with Pickwick Manufacturing Services on their web content and online marketing copy. The client always talks about recent success stories in specific detail, and while metal manufacturing services may not sound fascinating, I knew this client’s richly detailed stories would make fantastic blog posts to complement the more static content on his site.

Pickwick BlogThis spring, we started editing content and scheduling posts for the Pickwick blog. We’re working on postings of information about their services and stories about how Pickwick truly is a problem-solving service company rather than a manufacturing job shop.

These posts are another example of effective collaboration with a client on developing and organizing web content. The client provides much of this information in one form, and I make it blog friendly. Some posts need only minor adjustments, others require expansion of the verbiage gleaned from conversations with the client or from materials he provides.

Blogging is great for SEO and helps clients convey more information that may be too cumbersome or conversational to include on their website.When it’s clear that a client can benefit from telling more stories beyond the info on their site, it’s time to blog!

As a side note, this client’s website was designed by one of our design/development partners, Firespike. They also converted the site to WordPress in very timely fashion.

Recognition for HawkeyeHotels.com

HawkeyeHotels.com awardAs one of the strongest examples of local websites completed in 2013, Paarlance Creative Writing entered  HawkeyeHotels.com in the American Advertising Awards competition. The website received a Silver award from American Advertising Federation: Cedar Rapids-Iowa City on February 22, 2014.

We are proud of the work and appreciate being brought in by designer/developer Harrison Wheeler to do the work. We also appreciate the client for being so great to work with on this corporate site. Congrats to Hawkeye Hotels for their award-winning website!

You’re Invited: A Print Morsel

Paarlance Creative Writing has worked for several years with Business & Talent Made Better, including working on the website, www.bizsavvyleaders.com. Recently, the client reimagined their coaching offerings into one unique option called 99Biz. The idea is that 99 businesses can grow by at least one employee in 2014 through affordable monthly business coaching. This invitation is one of the pieces we refined through editing and copywriting. Excellent branding design was provided by one of our key design partners, Amy Belice Graphic Design.

99Biz invitation 99Biz Invite p2

Radio Scripts and Connections

We’re so excited, we can hardly stand it! Paarlance Creative Writing was contacted by the CIty of Waterloo to produce a traffic safety radio campaign. We submitted a proposal and won the business! We could not have done this if we hadn’t been able to include the expertise of our longtime media partner, Dirk Keller of Common Sense Advertising, in our proposal.

Dirk and I have worked together for over 10 years — almost since the beginning of our businesses. Usually, Dirk asks me to write TV and radio scripts for his clients. I give these projects the same care and consideration I give my own clients. Dirk is great at exploring what the client wants and needs. He passes that information on to me so I can write the scripts. On occasion, I ask him for the information I need to write a memorable message that puts the client in the most positive light possible.

To hear some recent radio spots written by Paarlance Creative Writing, please visit the radio portfolio page. Turn up your speakers and take a listen, and check back for more samples.

Collaboration: HawkeyeHotels.com

Great collaborations never get old. New collaborations are always exciting. Here’s a renewed website for a new client and developer partner, Harrison Wheeler, and his client, Hawkeye Hotels.

Hawkeye Hotels About Page

The About page for Hawkeye Hotels includes a rewritten and refreshed story about the company.

A little bit of conversation with the client and developer made it possible to rewrite the story about the company and its strategic benefits with little trouble. Because of the open communication with the developer and client, the copy for this site was completed in a fairly short time frame. We worked on making sure SEO terms were available for this corporate site targeted primarily at investors.

We hope you’ll check it out when you have a chance. It’s a great example of what Paarlance Creative Writing can do for web designers and developers and their clients.

Website Done Right

Theresa Bornbach has been a great client over the years. She has owned several businesses, which have all evolved over time. These evolutions have resulted in changes to her websites. Our latest creation promotes Theresa’s business coaching services and demonstrates a solid B2B brand on a WordPress platform.



Check out a recent website writing sample at www.BizSAVVYleaders.com

While a few details remain to be completed, I welcome you to check out this site, which reflects a collaboration between Paarlance Creative Writing, Amy Belice Graphic Design and Edilson Web Design. I wrote the tagline, edited the copy for SEO and marketing effectiveness and provided project management services. We took the time to do it right, and the effort paid off — we even launched ahead of schedule!

Together with the client, we have put together a quality website that offers an in-depth view of her services, provides opportunities for blogging, and makes it easy to update as changes occur.