Three Tips for Effective Direct Mail

Direct Mail Postcard

The folks at MCG BioMarkers recently contacted us, as they were thinking of buying ads for garden trade publications. In reviewing the expense of these ads, Paarlance Creative Writing and Amy Belice Graphic Design recommended direct mail instead. The cost of design, printing and postage may be more overall, but the message goes directly to decision makers, making it a better investment than shotgun-style advertising that may get overlooked.

Here are three ways to make your direct mail message more effective.

  1. Write a strong headline that appeals to your audience. In this case, the target audience includes educators at botanical gardens and nature centers. The main benefit of the product is that it is a more sustainably made plant marker. The two points become one with the chosen headline.
  2. Include a testimonial. A good testimonial from the right source can garner a lot of the right attention for your product or service.
  3. Include an offer. Direct mail is more effective when accompanied by a percentage off or something free with purchase. MCG BioMarkers loves to send out samples of their product, as there is nothing like it on the market. They also offered a percentage off to entice new orders.

We have also written postcards that serve as newsletters on a quarterly or biannual basis. Contact us to learn more about direct mail marketing, and see both sides of the postcard here!