Radio Scripts and Connections

We’re so excited, we can hardly stand it! Paarlance Creative Writing was contacted by the CIty of Waterloo to produce a traffic safety radio campaign. We submitted a proposal and won the business! We could not have done this if we hadn’t been able to include the expertise of our longtime media partner, Dirk Keller of Common Sense Advertising, in our proposal.

Dirk and I have worked together for over 10 years — almost since the beginning of our businesses. Usually, Dirk asks me to write TV and radio scripts for his clients. I give these projects the same care and consideration I give my own clients. Dirk is great at exploring what the client wants and needs. He passes that information on to me so I can write the scripts. On occasion, I ask him for the information I need to write a memorable message that puts the client in the most positive light possible.

To hear some recent radio spots written by Paarlance Creative Writing, please visit the radio portfolio page. Turn up your speakers and take a listen, and check back for more samples.