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3 Simple Ways to Update Your Website for SEO

Improve your website SEO
Learn 3 ways you can update your website for SEO.

In a recent conversation with several small business owners about the link between website copy and SEO, I shared three ways to update an existing website to improve SEO. By adding content, updating blog posts and leveraging YouTube, you, too, can enhance your SEO, which will help people find your website to consider buying your products and services.

Add SEO Content to Key Web Pages

Most people overlook opportunities to enhance SEO on existing pages of their websites. When was the last time you looked at your Contact page? If you have a form with a one-line invitation about how great it would be for them to contact you, I encourage you to add content to it right now. My contact page provides one example of how I approach SEO for a contact page.

The same goes for the About page as well as FAQs. When you take a fresh look at those pages, you may see some outdated information or new details that are missing. Earlier this year, I helped Santos Human, Inc. create an FAQ page. With their keywords in mind, I edited the text and categorized their extensive list of FAQ. We also added to them this month, which provides Google another signal that we are keeping their website up to date.

Here are some SEO-boosting content ideas for these pages:

  • Location information—If your Contact page doesn’t say you are in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, add that information to the page. This is especially important for hyper-local service businesses. However, it can also improve SEO by increasing word count on the page and incorporating more keywords.

  • Services—Your Contact and About pages will benefit from the addition of information about new services. Remember to add new services to your website as soon as you can.

  • Service area— Improve your local SEO by stating your service area on your site, wherever it fits.

  • Hours—With staffing challenges these days, people understand that your service hours may be limited. Be sure to list them on key parts of your website, such as the Contact page—and remember to update them on Google My Business, too.

  • FAQ—With all the keywords that can be included, FAQ pages can be fantastic SEO boosters. Answering questions for customers increases SEO while you educate people on your business offerings. Add to existing FAQs as new questions arise, or add an FAQ page to your website.

  • Credentials—If you’ve recently completed training or a degree relevant to your offerings, or if your company has earned certification of some kind, add those to your About page.

Update Old Blog Posts

If you’re burnt out on creating new content, you should know that updating old blog posts can also contribute to stronger SEO results. Simply updating headlines to include “how-to” or “3 tips” and better keywords can improve the ranking of those pages. Old blog posts can be republished with new dates, which tells Google and other search engines that the content has been refreshed.

For example, one client relaunched their website, and we have been adding old posts to the site after reviewing and editing the content. These show up as new posts. I can review your website and provide some ideas for what we can do to improve your blog for SEO.

Connect to or Start YouTube

In case you haven’t heard, video has become the hot ticket in content marketing. The younger generations connect more frequently with YouTube than any other social media. If you have a YouTube channel and some existing content, make sure you connect it to your website and blog.

What is the best way to do this? We recommend you embed your videos into new or existing blog posts to enrich your content offerings. Make sure your video titles and descriptions on YouTube include SEO keywords, just as a blog post would. And if you have an extensive library of YouTube videos on your channel, create playlists to make it easier to navigate and access them when you and your audience need them.

If you’re too busy to create new content or want to direct more time to other marketing tactics, these SEO website tips will help save you hours of brainstorming new ideas and executing those ideas. If you can’t find the time to update your website, blog posts, or YouTube channel, let me know. I can give you an affordable quote for updating copy on WordPress, Wix, and YouTube to enhance your SEO rankings. Please contact me now for a quote.



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