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4 Ways for Digital Agencies to Find the Best SEO Copywriters

SEO copywriters are curious
The best SEO copywriters are curious as well as analytical.

If you’ve been in the business of design or digital marketing long enough, you may have had at least one occasion of panic wondering who can write copy for your latest website project or email campaign. Maybe you employed a copywriter in the past, but that scribe has moved on. Maybe your clients had time to provide copy in the past, but with staffing shortages, they, too, are looking for people to fill their strategic marketing and copywriting roles.

If so, now is the time to start thinking about where you might find your next SEO copywriter for hire. And with your agency’s reputation on the line, it can’t just be anyone. Let’s take a moment to review what you should you look for in a copywriting partner.

Review the Copywriters’ Experience and Portfolio

Any digital agency or graphic designer knows that a copywriter’s experience matters. A lot. A senior copywriter with 10 to 20 years of experience may be difficult to find and they will command premium rates, but they are worth it.

Even better is finding a copywriter with experience in a specific industry or a particular type of writing. For example, B2B copywriting—say, for an engineering firm or software company—can vary widely in the tone and approach versus a retail sales approach. You will want to search for copywriters with success in your client’s specific industry or field.

And finally, you wouldn’t want a sales funnel copywriter to attempt writing a news release unless they possess PR experience. Other writing specializations, such as video scripts and case studies, comprise completely different skill sets. Seek the experience you need for your client’s industry, and you may soon add one or two versatile copywriters and a couple more niche content writers to your stable of freelancers.

Make Sure the Copywriter Can Ace Client Interviews

With certain types of projects, curiosity counts. Good writers ask great questions. They can dig deep into a client’s mindset quickly, learning what makes them tick with a few introductory questions. A quick call with a copywriter can help you determine if they have what it takes to draw quality content out of clients. Pay attention to the questions they ask you, and find out more about their discovery process. Be sure to share your digital agency’s approach, as well, to make sure they are comfortable with how you gather information via online kickoff meetings, emails and interviews.

Consider a Copywriter’s SEO and Website Design Knowledge

If you’re in the business of building websites, a copywriter with SEO knowledge and a design background can save time and help improve your team’s output. An SEO copywriter can slide keywords into the copy during the first draft, streamlining any website project. If a writer also has some design background, it can help produce better quality sites because they know the value of well-placed, frequent calls to action.

Request References from the SEO Copywriter

There’s one step you should not skip when vetting copywriters — asking them for references from their clients. Digital agencies can ask for any work samples and references from the type of industries they serve. This shouldn’t be a problem for an experienced copywriter. Finally, see if the writer is connected to anyone you know on social—if so, see if that person knows their copywriting work.

When you need a copywriter, you usually need them soon. Prepare for the inevitable moment when your copywriter gives notice—know what to look for in a copywriting partner and put your mind at ease today.

Ready to talk to a senior copywriter for hire? Let’s set up a 30-minute call to see whether my experience and style work with your digital agency’s strategic approach to website development. Take a look at your calendar and contact me to start the conversation!

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